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by Josh Hogan

In prelude to the upcoming My Denton Music showcase, lets take a closer look at the headlining act, Trebuchet. They have been called everything from prog-metal to post modern rock and roll, and this five-piece band from Denton loves every bit of it.

The truth is that Trebuchet defies most standard classifications so don't try to squeeze them into a single type or genre, rather just listen to their debut album "The Bear and The Moon" and enjoy the tour of hard rock music that the band takes you on. It expands through two disks and nearly two hours and by the time it is over you will realize that Trebuchet is quite different from most other acts is DFW. Detectable is the band's eclectic taste in influences, which is put on display throughout the entire album. One major influence for this group has been the world immediately surrounding them in Denton.

Since the release of their debut album "Bear and The Moon" the band has been building up their reputation as one of Denton's best and most entertaining acts. Their live show is filled with a load of energy that transcends the boundaries of the stage. That's not the only unique aspect of the band.

Their music is a tour of hard rock. It has a taste of everything from the blues to metal and is a thrill to listen to. Check them out at the Boiler Room this Friday and see for yourself!

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