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Forgetting Max Fischer
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January 17, 2010

The second time I listened to Sleep The Day Away by Chance Maggard's solo project, Forgetting Max Fischer, I found myself much more drawn to it than I did during the first go around. This album is dark in a lot of places, and certainly not the proper soundtrack for walking your dog on a bright sunny day, as I was doing during my first listen. However sitting at home at 2am by myself, I was much more perceptive of it. Maggard, a member of Denton's Baruch The Scribe, has re-introduced himself in a big way with this ten track album that delves into the deepest parts of his emotions. It was released last week at J&Js Pizza off the square as part of a quadruple CD release party.

Maggard ventures far away from his roots in Baruch, a band who has as much potential as any young band in this town, and goes for a stripped down and much more ghostly sounding version of indie folk music. Not whiny and certainly not pretentious, Maggard is heartfelt and sincere in his work. The opening track "Avocado and Chives" is far and away my favorite song on the entire album. The heartache and sadness that go along with lost love is as easy a target as there is for any songwriter. But like the good ones, Maggard is able to portray that pain in a wonderfully vivid and painfully real way. Following closely to the natural reaction of most people in that situation, the end of the song turns from sorrow and misery into an angry rant at the one who caused the pain. In my opinion this is the best song on the album, which was fairly good overall.

Through the course of the ten songs, Sleep The Day Away seems to follow the same path that Maggard is on as a musician. I took the album not as just a collection of songs, but a progressive story of rebirth. It opens with a song that is dedicated solely to a broken heart, and by the end of the album he has let it go and has begun focusing on other, more important and meaningful aspects of his life. In the second to last song "Lost At Sea" he absolves himself of that person who just was not right for him, "I left my love in the backseat, It turns out she never really meant that much to me". Much the same as Maggard has done with his music. Changing the name of his solo project from She's My Rushmore to Forgetting Max Fischer marks a new beginning for Maggard and an artist and a musician.

Bear in mind that this is just the beginning of the transformation. Maggard is a very young and very talented musician who will eventually find his own voice and sound. But this debut album from Forgetting Max Fischer quite a first step in the right direction.

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