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35 Conferette Releases Full Line-Up of 170 Bands
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January 21, 2011

The full 35 Conferette lineup has finally been announced and it's looking to be epic! Here it is as published on the 35 Conferette website (get excited!)


Big Boi
Mavis Staples
Local Natives
Dr. Dog
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Portugal the Man
Cut Chemist
Reggie Watts
Secret Sisters
Dan Deacon
John Grant
Miami Horror
Kid Koala
Jessica Lea Mayfield
A Place to Bury Strangers
How to Dress Well
Esben & the Witch
Big Freedia
Damien Jurado
Dave Smalley
White Denim
Grass Widow
No Joy
Colour Revolt
Royal Bangs
Nite Jewel
David Dondero
Dominique Young Unique
Civil Wars
Reading Rainbow
Davila 666
Maneja Beto
Turbo Fruits
Franz Nicolay
Viva Voce
David Mayfield Parade
White Arrows
Hooray for Earth
Drew Andrews & the Spectral Cities (Drew is ex-member of Album Leaf)
In Tall Buildings (former member Saturday Looks Good to Me)
Now Now Every Children
Young Buffalo
Ivan & Alyosha
Royal Thunder
Parts & Labor
Sugar & Gold
Yip Deceiver
Delicate Steve
Mondo Drag
Possessed By Paul James
Mother Falcon

.357 Lover (Brooklyn, NY -- classic rock)
BRAINSTORM (Portland, OR -- indie-pop/art rock)
BrownChicken BrownCow String Band (Greenbrier County, WV -- bluegrass)
Cleemann (Copenhagen, Denmark -- electroacoustic/lyrical/pop)
Daniel Benjamin (Stuttgart, Germany -- pop/experimental)
G-Side (Athens, AL -- hiphop)
MiniBoone (Brooklyn, NY -- indie/rock)
North Highlands (Brooklyn, NY -- indie-folk)
Richard the Lionhearted (Columbia, MO -- country/folk/rock)
Sarah Renfro (Brooklyn, NY -- singer-songwriter/folk-pop)
Sugar Glyder (Charlotte, NC -- pop-rock)
Kelsey Waldon (Nashville, TN -- Americana)
Sun Hotel (New Orleans -- post-gospel/indie/rock)
Tidal Waves (Johannesburg, South Africa -- afro-beat)
Wesley Hartley & The Traveling Trees (Portland, ME -- country)

4th & Inchez (F.N.I.) (Houston -- hip-op)
Crown Imperial (Norman, OK -- rock)
Fresh Millions (Austin -- experimental/electronic/instrumental/rock)
Horse Thief (Oklahoma City, OK -- folk/psychedelic)
Hotel Hotel (Austin -- ambient/blues/shoegaze)
KB the Boo Bonic (Austin -- hip hop)
Little Lo (Austin -- folk)
Moon (Oklahoma City, OK -- indie-pop/rock)
OK Sweetheart (Tulsa, OK -- indie-pop)
Paul Benjaman Band (Tulsa, OK -- funk/rock/western swing)
People on Vacation (Austin -- pop)
Quiet Company (Austin -- indie rock/powerpop)
Sanctus Bellum (Houston -- doom metal)
Sphynx (Austin -- indie-pop)
The League of Extraordinary Gz (Austin -- hip hop)
The Lonesome Heroes (Austin -- Americana/folk)
The Manichean (Houston -- experimental/progressive)
The Non (Oklahoma City, OK -- experimental/instrumental/rock)
The Panda Resistance (Tulsa, OK -- indie rock/instrumental)
The Sour Notes (Austin -- folk rock/psychedelic/roots)
The Virgin Wolves (Bowie -- indie rock/pop)
The Zest of Yore (Austin -- lo-fi rock)
Tiger Darrow (Austin -- pop/folk)
Zorch (Austin -- experimental/electronic/instrumental/rock)

Dallas/Fort Worth
Adventures in Magnetism (Ft. Worth -- post-rock)
Air Review (Irving -- rock)
Analog Rebellion(Arlington -- stadium lo-fi)
AnonymousCulture(Dallas -- electronica/hip hop)
Baring Teeth(Dallas -- metal)
Broadcast Sea(Dallas -- rock)
Clint Niosi (Ft. Worth -- experimental/folk)
Cocky Americans (Dallas -- garage rock)
Diamond Age (Dallas -- acousmatic)
El Cento (Dallas -- rock)
Ethereal & the Queer Show (Dallas -- avant garde/pop)
Fate Lions (Ft. Worth -- pop/rock)
Here Holy Spain (Dallas -- skate punk/indie/rock)
Hormones (Dallas -- post-punk)
HOYOTOHO (Dallas -- alternative/big beat/live electronics)
Les Amercain (Dallas -- rock)
Man Factory (Grand Prairie -- powerpop/indie/rock)
Museum Creatures (Dallas -- concrete/garage /hard house)
myopic (Dallas -- ambient)
Nicolas Altobelli (Dallas -- folk)
Saboteur (Dallas -- emo/rock)
Salim Nourallah (Dallas -- folk)
Skeleton Coast (Ft. Worth -- rock/emo)
Somebody's Darling (Dallas -- country/rock)
Summer Ames (Dallas -- singer-songwriter/pop)
The Angelus (Dallas -- gospel/gothic/soul)
The Beaten Sea (Dallas -- country/folk/gothic)
The Bizarro Kids (Dallas -- experimental/psychedelic/trrash)
The Boom Boom Box (Plano -- post punk/rock)
The Burning Hotels (Ft. Worth -- rock/new wave)
The Hanna Barbarians (Ft. Worth -- psychedelic/blues/rock)
The Lo-fi Chorus (Dallas -- Americana/electroacoustic)
The Naptime Shake (Dallas -- country/folk/indie)
The Orbans (Ft. Worth -- alternative/folk/rock)
Two Knights (Arlington -- indie/rock/minimalist)
Whiskey Folk Ramblers (Ft. Worth -- Americana/folk/rock)

ACHTONE! (post-rock)
Alphabet (indie-pop)
Babar (post-rock)
Backside Pick (funk/jazz)
Baruch the Scribe (folk-pop)
Bosque Brown (country/soul)
Boxcar Bandits (skunkgrass)
Caleb Ian Campbell (singer-songwriter/experimental folk)
Curvette (experimental/post-punk/southern rock)
Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers (country/rock)
Dear Human (post-rock)
Deep Snapper (post-punk)
Delmore Pilcrow (rock/country)
Depths (metal)
Dim Locator (avant-garde/Americana)
Drew Phelps (jazz)
Dust Congress (chamber folk)
Eaton Lake Tonics (experimental/folk/rock)
Ella Minnow (blues/pop/rock)
Final Club (rock)
Fishboy (indie-pop)
Jeremy Buller (singer-songwriter)
Jessie Frye (singer-songwriter/pop/rock)
Kaboom (rock)
Kampfgrounds (garage rock)
Land Mammals (psychedelic)
Magnum Octopus (hard rock)
Manned Missiles (garage rock/pop)
MATAS (indie/rock/pop)
Midnite Society (bloghaus)
Novaak (alternative/electronica/pop)
Oh Lewis (powerpop/Indie/rock)
On After Dark (indie/rock/new wave)
Paper Robot (rock)
Peoplodian (pop/electronic)
Pinebox Serenade (folk/rock)
Record Hop (rock)
Roy Robertson (experimental/folk)
RTB2 (experimental/ folk/rock/soul)
Sans Soleil (experimental/rock)
Seryn (folk/rock)
Sextape (ghettotech)
Shiny Around the Edges (experimental/punk)
Spooky Folk (indie-pop/rock)
Sundress (pop/psychedelic)
Swedish Teens (punk)
The Demigs (indie rock/pop)
The Hope Trust (rock/pop/country)
The Jakeys (acoustic/celtic/grunge)
The Slow Burners (folk/rock/psychedelic/roots)
The Wee-Beasties (alternative/punk/rock)
Violent Squid (experimental)
Westboro Butchers (rockabilly/instrumental)
Western Giants (Americana)
Western Skies (Americana)
Young and Brave (pop)

The full lineup is also now animated by Patrick Flaherty and Charlotte Golden.

35 Conferette Lineup 2011 from 35 Conferette on Vimeo.

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