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NX35 Releases Official Band List
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January 19, 2010

Today NX35 released on their blog the confirmed first round of bands set to play NX35 this March (with links). Pictured Right: The Black Angels (Austin). They also inform that tickets go on sale later today on

A Shoreline Dream (Denver)

A.M. Ramblers

Andrew Tinker

Autumn Owls (Dublin)


Baruch the Scribe

BigBang (Los Angeles/Oslo)

Birds & Batteries (San Francisco)

Boxcar Bandits

Br’er (Asheville, NC/Philadelphia)

Bridges & Blinking Lights

Burywood (Austin)

Caleb Ian Campbell

Claire Morales

Colourmusic (Piedmont, OK)

Cocky Americans (Dallas)


Daniel Folmer

Dan Montgomery (Memphis)

Dear Human

Delmore Pilcrow

Dim Locator

Doug Gillard (NYC)

Drug Mountain (Fort Worth)

Dust Congress

Eaton Lake Tonics (Fort Worth)

Feathers (Miami)

FELILI (Brooklyn)



Fox and the Bird (Richardson)

Frontier Ruckus (Michigan)


Galapaghost (Queens, NY)

Giggle Party (Dallas)

GioSafari (NYC)

Grandfather Child (Houston)

Green Corn Revival (Weatherford, OK)

Guitar George Trio (Sanger)


Har Herrar (Fort Worth)

Here Holy Spain

hotel hotel (Austin)

I-45 (Houston)

Icarus Himself (Madison, Wisconsin)

Jacob Metcalf (Dallas)

Jenn Gooch

Jessie Frye (DFW)

Joe Gideon & The Shark (London)

Jupiter One (NYC)


Lane & Paul

Lazy Native

Little Birds (McKinney)

Manned Missiles

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea



Moth Fight (Austin)

Museum Creatures

Natalia Mallo (São Paulo, Brazil)

Native Lights (Tulsa, OK)

New Science Projects

Nicholas Altobelli (Dallas)

OK Sweetheart

Ola Podrida (Austin)

Orange Peel Sunshine (Dallas)

Pattern is Movement (Philadelphia)

Paul Benjaman Band (Tulsa, OK)


Pinebox Serenade

Quiet Company (Austin)

Record Hop

Robert Gomez

Robot Arm

Roy Robertson


Sarah Jaffe

Sarah Reddington (Denton/Portland)

Sarah Renfro (Brooklyn)

Savage and the Big Beat

Sleep Whale

Small Time Ruffians

Smile Smile (Dallas)

Sore Losers

Spooky Folk

Stardeath and White Dwarfs (Oklahoma City)

Strangers Family Band (Orlando)

Summer of Glaciers (San Francisco)


The Angelus

The Black Angels (Austin)

The Bizarro Kids

The Contingency Clause

the cut*off (Fort Worth)

The Daily Beat

The Demigs

The Diamond Center (Richmond, VA)

The Fieros (Brooklyn)

The Flaming Lips (Oklahoma City)

The Hand Combine

The Hope Trust

The Jakeys

The Laughing (Austin)

The Low Lows

The Naptime Shake (Dallas)

The Phuss (Fort Worth)


The River Mouth

The Rocketboys (Austin)

The Slow Burners

The Virgin Wolves (NTX)

The Wellington Lights

This Old House

Thunder Power (Omaha)

Tre Orsi

Trespassers William (Seattle)

Unwed Sailor (Tulsa)

Via Audio (New York/Boston)

Warren Jackson Hearne and the Merrie Murdre of Gloomadeers

Welcome Signs

Western Giants

White Drugs (Los Angeles)

Young and Brave

Zlam Dunk - (San Marcos)

Zorch (Austin)

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