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March 28, 2010

Last week at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio, the guys from Dear Human released their brand new self titled EP. If you already know about Dear Human, it is no doubt because you have been to one of their live shows. The experience of Dear Human live is simply remarkable. They deliver their music at a breakneck speed with tremendous amounts of confidence behind each and every note. Which is something they, thankfully, replicated to a shockingly large degree on the new EP.

The seven track album is actually quite good in a lot of areas, especially considering that it was recorded in only one month at the house of Michael Scroggins, the band's bass player. Much like one of their live show's, the band is on full attack mode throughout the entirety of the album. When each song begins, you have no idea where it is going to end up or how it will get there. It is one of the best feelings to have when listening to a piece of music, to be completely surprised by where the band decides to take it. Dear Human's scenic journey through the album has a ton of twists and turns without ever loosing focus, and is thoroughly enjoyable to listen to.

While this album is absolutely worth checking out, it falls short of the magnificence of the band's live show. It is on stage where these guys really shine their brightest. However, I will say that Scroggins definitely has a bright future ahead of his as a producer should he choose to go that route. But Dear Human, to this point, is a band you MUST experience in concert if you want to truly experience them! It really is one of the finest live shows in Denton.

Here are a couple songs performed live that you can hear on the new EP. Trust me, while these ARE great videos, they don't do justice to what the band is really like live! Nor to how the songs sound on the new EP for that matter!

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