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Brave Combo / The Wee-Beasties Split Ep Release Show
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July 10, 2011

Denton’s Brave Combo and the Wee-Beasties have teamed up to produce a 7” single EP with two songs by each band called “Don't Shred On Me: Volume 1.” One side will be Brave Combo’s trademark: a polka tune called “What do you want?” and another future jazz song that echoes Leonard Cohen called “Zombified.”

On the flip-side of the album will be the unusual punk band the Wee-Beasties. What makes them unusual? They are a punk band that uses a horn section. That should make them a ska band, but no; they are punk. The album features their two new songs “Fleshlight” and “Lauren in a Bathing Suit.” “Fleshlight” is hilarious and awesome as they sing about exactly what you think a song called “Fleshlight” is about. “Lauren” is the song that features a horn section which makes it almost a surf punk song with its driving down picking style and wailing trumpets.

The Ep is short and to the point, and leaves you wanting more. I guess that’s exactly what the album is for so in a way it’s going to be very successful. To celebrate its release Brave Combo and the Wee-Beasties will be putting on a show with openers Fab-Deuce at Hailey’s on Saturday the 16th. The Wee-Beasties have been banned at many venues around the country because of their raucous live shows so come prepared for insanity.

Doors are at 9 and tickets are $6 for overs and $8 for undies.

Get your tickets on Spyrock by clicking here.

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